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Virtual Reality Weapons

vr hand

VR Weapons

Weapons feel real when you hold the physical VR controllers into your hands and every movement is syncronized in real-time inside the virtual reality world. In the FPS tower defense game you directly interact with the weapons and enemies. Teleporting between different towers give you the possibility to use ranged weapons (long bow and arrows, crossbows, magic scepters). The user can also teleport directly on the enemies path and use close-combat weapons like swords.

SurviVR - The Castle Defender VR weapons:

vr crossbow


SurviVR vr crossbows vr

Two VR crossbows, one in each hand, gives flexibility to the user when fighting the enemies. The crossbows have a small reload time for arrow. Can be used for both ranged and melee teleport zones.

vr bow and arrow

Long bow & arrow

SurviVR vr bow and arrow

The classic VR bow & arrow gives you high a accuracy, fast reload time and realistic look and feel. Use unlimited arrows and defend the castle! Used in ranged and melee.

magic scepter

Magic scepters

SurviVR vr magic scepters

Fire & Ice scepters let you shoot fireballs and iceballs. The fire has a splash damage and the iceball freezes the enemies movement. Both weapons have reload time and the ice scepter has the longest one.

vr swords


SurviVR vr swords

Two VR Swords, one in each hand for more damage! The swords have the biggest damage, but you are exposed to the enemies attacks. So, swords attacks should be fast and precise. Can be used only for melee teleport zones.