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Virtual Reality - HTC Vive headset

vr technology

VR technology

Virtual Reality games and applications can be experienced using different VR headsets. According to what the user wants to view or play, the vr equipment can be cheap or expensive. For example, if the user wants to view a 360° video or try simple apps and games, he can opt for VR cardboards for only a few bucks. But if the user wants the best VR experience, using a professional VR system, then the cost goes up to several hundred dollars.
virtual reality headset

VR headset

VR headsets like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift are among the most popular professional headsets. The HTC Vive kit contains two VR controllers, two position tracking stations and the headset. This hardware brings interactivity and control over virtual reality and keeps the spatial synchronization of the player's position.
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HTC Vive game

SurviVR was designed to be played together with the HTC Vive headset and SteamVR. The Castle Defender is a tower defense game, in which you can phisically hold the weapons and fight the enemies. The Vive controllers are mapped to teleportation, weapons selection and shooting.
HTC Vive kit The physical controllers allow the user to interact with virtual objects similar to real-life interactions. HTC Vive headset has a 110° field of view angle. This is a big difference between virtual reality games and classic PC games.
room scale htc

Room scale

Thanks to the room-scale technology, the user can move around the play area and its real-time position is updated inside the virtual reality world. This brings a real dynamic experience, compared to the static VR headsets.
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Join our VR world

Checkout why we chose to create a virtual reality game, how do the weapons feel and how do you fight the enemies in VR. Feel free to have a look at our Steam page and find out more about SteamVR and HTC Vive.
virtual reality experience

Virtual Reality experience

The full VR kit equipment takes the player to a innovative new experience. This represents the beginning of a unique era in the history of humankind. Is the first time when we are able to replicate the real world into a digital virtual world and the same time, tricking the brain to feel as it's real. All the games and apps which appeared in the last years prove this technology is a game changer.
vr animated experience
This is why we also chose to support the virtual reality technology and we developed our first VR tower defense game for HTC Vive headset.