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All the enemies from Castle Defender come from a medieval fantasy world, during the time of castles, orcs and magic. Your castle must be defended against many mythical creatures like: orcs, trolls, demons, beasts, ogres, goblins and other creatures.

Each enemy has its own hp, damage and specific sounds for attack, hit and death, enriching this way the game's vr experience. You can teleport to specific towers and create your own defensive strategy. Be the hero of humanity and stop the orcs reaching the hell portal!
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SurviVR - The Castle Defender enemies:

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The enemies attack the castle in waves, each wave having its own difficulty level and own creature types. Hordes and hordes of orcs will try to break your castle's gates, kill the defending knights and make their own path to destroy humanity. The attackers can be stopped by using different VR weapons like ranged crossbows, bow and magic spells or melee swords. Take a look at our buy page!
Castle Defender enemies