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Tower Defense VR game

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Tower defense genre

In TD games, the player has to stop the enemies reaching the final point. The attackers appear in several waves and have different difficulty levels. The defender can use towers, cannons and other defensive structures to obstruct or slow down the invaders. The most common display way for tower defense games is view-from-top, where the player has full control over the fights, the enemies, the towers and the entire map.
Classic Tower Defense Map
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VR Tower Defense

In virtual reality TD games, the user can control the entire action using his VR controllers. Two main game VR categories can be differentiated:
The player adds automated defense structures (canons, towers) which are fighting the enemies. These towers have different hp, range, damage, skills and are triggered by the enemies' presence.
First Person Shooter VR - The player fights the enemies with his own hands, using different weapons like bows, crossbows, swords or magic.
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FPS tower defense

SurviVR - Castle Defender combines the First Person Shooter style with the tower defense VR game. By using the HTC Vive controllers, the user can teleport over the castle, select different weapons and shoot. Tower Defense VR Teleport VR Weapons selection - SurviVR weapons shoot surviVR The castle contains several strategic teleport areas and towers. Weapons like crossbows, bow and magic spells can be used all over the map, but there are special areas for sword fights, along the enemies path. The syncronized 3D space, real-time movement and weapons control make the tower defense game an unique and new immersive experience.
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VR Medieval game

The action takes place in a fantasy universe, during a medieval era. Player's castle is attacked by orcs and other creatures which are trying to reach the hell warp, to destroy humanity. As in a tower defense game, enemies will attack in several waves and will try to pass the castle's gates, fight the human knights and continue their path to victory.
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Find out more

Check out our game trailer and find out more about SurviVR's weapons and enemies hordes. Take a look at our Steam page and see more info about specs and hardware requirement.
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Tower Defense waves

In SurviVR, the map can be played with three difficulty modes (easy, medium, hard). Each difficulty has its own number of waves and enemies types. The user can randomize the waves and character spawning for each difficulty level.
Tower Defense Waves Difficulties
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Being in a fantasy medieval world, the game brings mythical creatures like orcs, trolls, demons, beasts, goblins, ogres and other monsters. Each enemy has its own sounds for attack, hit and die. Enjoy a rich sound experience with the environment sounds and special epic music during gameplay!
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TD FPS VR experience

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Putting all together, this is a castle tower defense (TD) game with first person shooter (FPS) mode inside a virtual reality (VR) world. This is an innovative game type which appeared in the past few years. Check buy game page to play the game!