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Tower Defense

In tower defense games, the player uses different strategies and defense tools to obstruct the enemies' waves. But imagine doing this in Virtual Reality, where you can teleport to different zones of the castle and slay the monsters with your own hands. Tower Defense VR Teleport SurviVR 3D Towers Castle It's an imersive experience which can change the paradigm of classic Tower Defense games.
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VR experience

Virtual Reality headsets increased in number and HTC Vive became a popular VR headset. Its controllers and tracking stations contribute to an immersive VR experience which feels real.
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Enjoy ioiGames' first VR Tower Defense game for HTC Vive headset.
Slay all the orcs and defend your castle in this VR Medieval Fantasy game!
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Check the VR game directly on Steam! Note: Virtual Reality games require special headset
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Virtual Reality Weapons

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VR makes all the difference when it comes to weapons. As a player, you can directly feel the physical weapons in your hands when using VR headsets like HTC Vive. In SurviVR you can use weapons like crossbows, long bow and arrows, magic scepters (fire and ice) and swords. Check our game's VR weapons:
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Enemy characters

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The enemies in SurviVR come from medieval fantasy world: orcs, trolls, goblins, ogres, demons, beasts and other creatures. Defend the castle against all their spawn waves and difficulties! Find more about the enemies.